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How This Works

So you’re ready to create a video? Here’s how we get from a vague idea to a polished video!


Let's talk video!

During the intake phone call we'll start with your vision: what you want to create and the goal you have for the finished product.

Then the technicalities: what footage do you already have and what kind of help are you looking for? Do you need captions or English to Hebrew translations? What else is going to make your video stand out?

And finally, the pragmatics: where is this video going to be shown and what is your timeframe?

Our Commitment To You!

Once we've ironed out all these details, we will put together a package that meets your exact needs, and you'll receive a written quote that defines the deliverables and states a clear timeline.

Editing rates are 200nis per hour, and your quote will take into account every aspect of your video, including special additions such as animation and translation (if you need 'em!)


Working Together!

Before we finalize each stage of the video, you'll receive a draft of the edited work. This gives you the opportunity to give your feedback and confirm your approval before moving forward with the next stage of your project. (Plus: sneak peeks!)

That's A Wrap!

Once your video is ready to roll, you'll complete the payment, and we'll send you your final, high-definition video! Plus, we will upload them to our YouTube page so you can use that link as well.

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